About Guadalajara Style

Flavors of Jalisco

Named for the city we formerly called home, Guadalajara is the third-largest city in Mexico and is widely recognized worldwide for its bold and authentic approach to traditional dishes — which is why we seek to share it with you! It is with a passion for our culture and dedication to our roots that we opened the doors of Guadalajara Style.

Our menu, featuring hand-crafted recipes passed down for generations, showcases what makes Guadalajara so special: slow-cooked meats, fresh ingredients, and a passion for flavor. From tamales and torta ahogadas, to freshly-made ceviche, each of our items will transport your tastebuds to the streets of Mexico or the sun-soaked beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Why wait? It’s time to indulge your senses — Guadalajara Style!

step into our culture

humble beginnings

Our story starts from humble beginnings in the orchards where we worked to support our family. There, we dreamed of one day sharing our dishes with the world by practicing the same care and attention as our forebears. As is the nature of the orchard business, the tough winters forced us to seek additional ways to support our family.

During those winters, we worked together as a family to prepare meals for friends and loved ones, but as word of our dishes spread, we quickly found our schedule filled with requests to cater birthday parties, graduations, special events and more! It is with this potential for opportunity that we decided to develop our own establishment, and thus, Guadalajara Style was born.

With the desire to provide our children with the opportunities we weren’t afforded, we set out to make Guadalajara Style a success by focusing on the values that set us apart: a dedication to only the freshest and finest ingredients, and a love for preparing dishes to share with your family.

Taco Truck of History

Our loyalty to culture doesn’t stop with our heritage. Since emigrating from Mexico, we’re proud to call the Mid-Columbia home, and have enjoyed learning of the rich history of the region. Part of that history lives on with us in the form of newly-renovated, former Hanford site bus. Decades ago, the bus transported workers on-site to work on what was to become the Hanford project, and now it lives on as a unique vessel to deliver our traditional Mexican cuisine!

While the West Richland food truck is temporarily closed, please visit our Kennewick restaurant located inside the Public Market at Columbia River Warehouse. This year round public market is a treasure trove of local vendors, artisans, bakers and craftspeople – so stop by for our authentic flavors of Mexico and dozens of wonderful vendors!